Region Champions!


Julia McGoldrick, Editor-in-Chief

On April 12, 2022, Savannah Country Day proudly welcomed home two region champion teams. This year both tennis teams were able to bring home the gold from Bacon Park while competing against competitors Saint Vincents for the ladies, and Savannah Christian for the men, in the finals. The hard-fought win was well deserved, as both teams have worked tirelessly over the season to bring him the gold. Not to overshadow the girl’s team, but the men are happy to announce their second consecutive region win, making them back-to-back region champions. The Hornet Nation is so proud of both teams’ accomplishments this season!

Winning region this year places both teams in the number one spot to compete in state play. The ladies won their first match against Strong Rock Christian School with a shutout win of 5-0. An early forfeit for the boys’ first state match allows both teams to advance into the second round of the playoffs. These matches are set to play on April 26, and we expect all Hornet fans to come to support our region champs!