Hornet’s Baseball


Julia McGoldrick, Editor-in-Chief

The Hornets baseball team has proved their strength this year with a record of 18-9 for their season. The addition of the new baseball facility, the Nest, has been very useful in giving our boys this outstanding record. Not only do these boys work tirelessly in the batting cage, but on the field, at practice, each player gives it their all. When asked what has changed from last season, Sophomore Dalton Brown responded, “We are bonded as a team now more than ever before.” For all sports enthusiasts or players, you know that it is key to build a strong team relationship in order to bring home a trophy, which the boys hope to do this year in region play. The team has played in multiple shutout games beating Aquinas, 6-0, Athens Academy, 5-0, and Jenkins, 13-0. Combining these games with many other high-scoring wins, the team has a bright future for the rest of this season.