Boy’s Tennis


Julia McGoldrick, Editor-in-Chief

The winning record for the boy’s tennis team, 11-3, shows that match after match, the boys have and will continue to defeat all teams as they finish out their season. With strong showings from all players, especially captains Victor Zheng and Pericles Lelos, the team tries to defend their region champion title, which will be played in the middle of April. Varsity player Jake Felser says, “this year, everyone has begun to take the game more seriously, demonstrating so with their use of maximum effort in all matches.” This proves true, as all players on the team have had a winning record and continue to work hard in practice to annihilate all opponents.  The team hopes to finish out their season strong, including winning regions. So go support the Hornets out on the courts next time they have a match, it is worth the watch.