Athlete of the Issue: Harden Smallwood


William Stephen Lovett, De Coldest to eva do it

Heart. That is what defines THE Harden Smallwood. Harden first started playing soccer when he came to SCDS in the 7th grade. Immediately after, his presence was known. Although the majority of his presence is felt through the lack of snacks on the bench, Harden is a key component of the brotherhood of Hincker’s Army. Harden was a JV captain after being quickly demoted after the horrifying things he did to the Gushers. Harden embraces Freshmen and encourages them to bond with teammates. Harden on the field is another story. Harden recorded his first-ever high school goal recently against Aquinas. Harden was called upon to take a PK and sent a screamer into the back of the net. However, Harden played it cool reportedly saying, “No Biggie” and, “Plenty more to come”. Although this is Harden and the Seniors last season, they are carrying the same mentality of “The Job’s not Finished” into the Playoffs.