Campus Life


Caroline Kraeuter, Contributor

Hey Hornets, I am so excited to share the last Campus Life update of the year with you! As you all have probably noticed, the new building is almost complete. It seems that students and teachers will be able to enjoy an all-new multi-purpose building right from the get-go next year. Speaking of exciting campus additions, last week, the upper school welcomed a new furry friend; maintenance workers rescued a cute baby fox curled up beneath the quad and relocated it for its safety. Sadly, the fox was removed permanently, but it was an exhilarating ten minutes nonetheless. Speaking of permanently removed fixtures, it just so happens that later that same week, Mrs. Wallace announced that the Minis bathrooms had been shut down again and would remain so for the rest of the year as plumbers try to fix the ever-broken toilets. Despite the inconvenience, many see this as a new step forward; Senior Laura Taylor stated, “Minis smells different…nicer, I think.” Probably the most exciting of my end-of-the-year news, at least if you’re a Junior or Senior, is Prom. This year’s Prom is casino-themed and will be held at the Palmetto Club in the Landings for all upperclassmen and their guests. Students were also encouraged to submit song requests to the DJ beforehand to ensure that everyone has a great time. That’s all the news I have for you Hornets, have a great rest of the year!