Artist of the Issue – Reagan Carlson


Olivia Wells, Contributor

The artist of this issue is Reagan Carlson, a Junior at SCDS. 

Being exposed to art since he was a child, it is no surprise that Reagan Carlson has found a love for the arts, more specifically, the art of fashion. From visiting the Met Gala exhibits to exploring the art in Florence, Reagan has become more inspired to make his mark in the fashion industry. He has always been encouraged to do art by his friends and family, but recently, he has taken it to another level. 

Over the summer, Reagan took a summer course with Parsons School of Design in Paris. There, he learned about the designing process, as well as sustainability, in the fashion industry. This school year, he is using the knowledge he gained from this class in his independent art study class that he takes here with Ms. Hefner. In this class, Reagan experiments with different types of fashion and design through activities such as sewing and beadwork. His favorite project so far is creating a collection of clothing and accessories that contrast the harsh city landscape with the calming countryside, which he completed in his summer course. This month, Reagan won a Scholastic Award as well as other local awards on his most recent pieces.

In terms of the future, Reagan hopes to attend a fashion school in New York City, the home of many distinguished designers and brands, to study fashion and accessory design. Following that, he hopes to have his own fashion brand and make it to the global scale. Congratulations, Reagan, for all of your hard work so far and to come – best of luck in the future!