Swim Update


Anna Mondy and Pericles Lelos

After an abridged 2020/2021 season, everyone’s favorite winter sport is back in full swing. This season returned to normal with Coach Abineri and the reawakening of early morning practices . Sadly, Waterpolo Wednesdays and Zax after prax are a thing of the past.  Due to these dreaded early morning practices, team morale has been low. In spite of this, several swimmers have shined and prospered through these tough times. The valiant effort of returning swimmers Jackson Mondy and James Crake has not gone unnoticed in practice. They should be expecting an invitation to the Olympic Trials anytime now for their butterfly which rivals that of Michael Phelps. We have also welcomed many rookie swimmers such as the team’s favorite middle schooler John Griffith who is showing much improvement over in lane 1. Our Star swimmer, Yenna Park, has also made a comeback, already qualifying for State in two events, 200 free and 100 breast. Justin has also stood out as a great leader of the team. He has showcased his leadership skills foremost in the weight room, where his extensive experience at picking up and putting down heavy objects has greatly helped the team in our pre-practice pushups. Pericles, as captain, has been enhancing team morale every practice by complaining that the cheer wasn’t good enough. We thank Yenna, the unofficial leader for the team since middle school, taking time from her competitive, year round team to show us what swimming should actually look like. Finally, a special shoutout to our most dedicated fan, Mr. Muller, who is always there to cheer on the swim team. If Mr. Day happens to forget again, there is a swim meet this Saturday.