Video Game Review: Retro Bowl

Max Iezzi, Contributor

Retro Bowl is the best mobile sports game out right now. Retro Bowl is most definitely the new and improved Madden Mobile. The arcade-style gameplay mixes old-school graphic design with new-school football. The real star of Retro Bowl is its simplicity as it really sets it apart from other games. While this game can get repetitive, it is also addicting and is guaranteed to cure boredom. With the NFL in season, I encourage everyone to download this game.

The goal of Retro Bowl is to make the best team possible consisting of the best players. You start with 1-star players and try to draft and trade to earn up to 5-star players. You can customize your team and make difficult decisions like a real manager. The schedule of your team is exactly like the real NFL schedule; you play 17 games, with one bye week, and then go to the playoffs (if your record is good enough) which finally leads up to the Retro Bowl (Super Bowl). 

As sophomore, vice-president, and student-athlete John Avino stated, “Retro Bowl has really changed my life. Whenever I feel sad and lonely I open up the app and it brightens my day.”