30-Adele Album Review


James Crake, Contributor

Well…she’s done it again. British singer-songwriter Adele, who made her big break in the music industry with her debut album “19” in 2008, has delivered us with another beautiful body of work: “30”. Known for her deep, mellow heartbreak songs and albums, it’s safe to say that she has perfected the craft. While her other three projects have been about break ups and relationship troubles, “30” is a new topic: divorce. What made the divorce particularly nasty was the child involved, Angelo Adkins, who she had with Simon Konecki. 

The lead single for the album, “Easy on Me”, was incredible. Adele’s vocal performance was nothing short of spectacular, over a piano heavy beat. The production was simple, allowing Adele’s voice to shine, and not take anything away from it. 

The 12 track album starts with a slow, melodic song “Strangers By Nature”, which sets a relaxed mood for the rest of the album. After track two (“Easy On Me), Adele gives us an absolutely heart-wrenching song, “My Little Love”. In between brief singing from Adele, audio diaries are incorporated into the song. Adele talks about feeling alone, confused, and just not really knowing what she’s doing. She talks to her child, and tries to explain what’s happening between her and his father, and that she still loves his dad, because he gave her Angelo.

The highlights of this album are Adele’s voice, and her rawness. In no other album has Adele been so honest. She acknowledges that both her and her ex-husband are both to blame, but she doesn’t hold back in reminding him that she is like no other woman, in “Woman Like Me”, and that he messed up big time. The best tracks were “Easy On Me”, “Can I Get It”, “I Drink Wine”, and “All Night Parking”. Some of the songs that could have been left out/replaced were “Strangers By Nature”, and “Cry Your Heart Out”.

This album was very, very good. It was a long wait since her last album (6 years!), but it was worth every moment. Because of a few forgettable songs, this album is a 9/10.