Men’s Basketball

Mens Basketball

James Daters, Contributer

The Hornet basketball team is looking to ride their momentum from last year following their region championship. Seniors Alex Wynn, Reese London, Lane McCollough, and the Hawk himself, Hawkeye Hrones are ready to lead this team to glory and dominate the greater Savannah area. There are also a plethora of other players ready to make an impact on the team, including Rob Spaulding and Noah Carney. But there is no question who the anchor of this great hornet team is. Superstar sophomore Timo Moeller is ready to make a big impact at center. To preview the upcoming season, I sat down with Timo to ask him a few questions.

So Timo, what game are you most looking forward to playing in this season?

“I don’t know, does the championship count?”

Who do you think is ready for a breakout season?

“Dallas Hunter! The point god!”

On a scale of electric to electric how would you rate the atmosphere of the Hornets student section?

“I think it’s pretty electric.”

So Timo, is BC soft for not playing us this year?

“Yeah definitely. I hear they do a lot of controversial team bonding over at bc. They lost a lot of the elements that made them a hard team.”

Lastly, which freshmen do you think are ready to make an impact right away on the team?

“Definitely Duncan.”