Donda Album Review

James Daters, Contributer

In his twelfth studio album, it is no question that Kanye West delivered. With his new album, “Donda”, Kanye showcases his versatility in not only his voice, but with his production and his groundbreaking beats.


This album was extremely hyped up, as Kanye hosted three separate listening events in Atlanta and his hometown of Chicago, without even releasing the album. Kanye had many fans speculating whether or not the album was even going to be released to the public. It wasn’t until August 29th, that Kanye released the full length 27 song album.


Throughout the record, Kanye speaks on a variety of topics and things going on in his life. Kanye speaks on his recent divorce with Kim Kardashian, God, family, and struggles he’s had in his life. In the 22nd song of the record, “Come to Life”, Kanye brings all of these topics together, as he delivers one of the greatest songs of his career. As I said earlier, Kanye especially shows his production ability. Songs like “Off the Grid” and “Believe What I Say” both feature two of the best beats I’ve ever heard.


Not only does Kanye showcase his own musical greatness, but “Donda” has an elite list of features from some of the biggest artists. It features artists like Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, DaBaby, Lil Baby, and the King Vamp himself Playboi Carti even has two features on the record.


While I would not rank “Donda” with some of Kanye’s best albums of all time, I still feel that Kanye delivered a phenomenal album and cemented his G.O.A.T status.